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IC Design Service

·Pure design
 ◇ Pure design is to program and debug according to the detailed design specification of integrate circuit provided by the client, and submit in form of report (written in Chinese, Japanese or English).

·Basic design
 ◇ Basic design is to work out detailed design specifications according to your brief specifications (written in Chinese, Japanese or English), program, debug, and put forward reports (written in Chinese, Japanese or English). And the project can be checked and accepted in Tokyo or Beijing .

·Resolution of self-independent technology
 ◇ Resolution of self-independent technology is to put forward the solution according to your scheme, depending on our own self-independent intellectual property technology.

·Digital, analog and digital-analog hybrid integrate circuit design
 ◇ Our company can provide the services of Digital, analog and digital-analog hybrid integrate circuit design and relative back-end design.

Characteristics of Design

·High-speed low power digital IC design technology
 ◇ The digital design technical staff of the company has the first class design quality in the world. Many technical factors are very competitive in the industry.

·High-speed low power mixed-signal IC design technology
 ◇ The company has unique design technology that can achieve high-speed low power mixed-signal IC design, wireless/mobile communication signal processor chips that are based on those technologies have moved into the lead in the world.

·VLSI Circuit design technology integration
 ◇ The company's core design team has enough experience of VLSI design and masters the whole set of design technology including the system specification and the IC front-end/back-end design.

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